One Platform. Any Assessment.

Give & Grade Quick Key Quizzes online, on a ChromeBook, or on paper using our mobile scanner. Then send the results where they need to go with just a click

Instant digital assessment anywhere

Easy Quiz Creation

Make a simple answer key for any quiz, or make your own printable standards-aligned assessment on our Website. Distribute your quiz to colleagues, and upload the results to PowerSchool.

Assessment for All

Administer and grade assessments with our Web and ChromeBook quiz apps for students, or scan paper quizzes with our patent-pending mobile scanner for Apple and Android devices.

Powerful Management Tools

Manage PowerSchool data, assessments, and results at the individual, school, or district level through the Quick Key Web app

More than a scanner, a platform for personalized learning

  • Sync Class Rosters
    With PowerSchool, or import students from a spreadsheet
  • Build your Quizzes
    Keep it simple or add standards, images, and more!
  • Manage Teams
    Department, School, District. Manage your team with simple tools
  • Manage Assessments
    Share & choose who gets the results
  • Instant Results
    Instant scanning & scoring no wi-fi or student devices required
  • Own Your Results
    Sync to PowerSchool or export to Excel or Google Sheets
  • Teachermade!
    You ask for it, we build it!
  • Work Anywhere
    patent-pending: sync data to the cloud AND work without the Web


Kristian S. Vice Principal

"Claim back time from hours of marking with Quick Key and wow your students with almost instant feedbak."

Al E. 5th Grade Teacher

"Quick Key the best way I have found to track and improve student performance in real time. Plus, it saves me a ton of time."

Rob C. Geography Teacher & Lead Practitioner

"I have been realy impressed with the level of support and commitment from the developers who will help whenever they can and are consistently looking to maximise and develop the app further... Walter Duncan knows exactly what teachers need and how we can best help our students."

Sarah T. Technology Liaison

"Quick Key is amazing... it makes grading a snap! We are using it in our PARCC Bootcamp, and the quick feedback really motivates the students."

Anthony B. Vice Principal

"Quick Key allows me to scan a class set of quizzes in under 2 minutes. With an instant profile of knowledge and understandig for each student i can then ruly personalise learning. Quick Key has revolutionised my classroom."

Julia R. Technology Teacher

"What teacher doesn't need an App tha produces valid, useful data? With Quick Key, I am able to provide my students, Admin & my parents with quality assessment data, item analysis & immediate feedback. Tehy love Quick Ticket Time & I love the dual "mastery" this App brings to room 110!"

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*coming soon: deliver assessments to ChromeBooks and student mobile devices