Image courtesy of amaZEN U

Image courtesy of amaZEN U

3 Easy Tips for A Calmer Classroom

As the new year gets underway, it is a good time to reflect and make a few adjustments/improvements to your classroom layout. They do not have to be dramatic! In fact, you may find that the more subtle the changes the more effective they are.

One of the easiest places to start is to seek ways to make your classroom environment more inviting, calming and gentle. With the approaching state testing combined with the pressures students face each day, a few small tweaks can easily make your classroom a refuge from the chaos of student life.

Maintaining a calm classroom environment can help reduce test anxiety, de-escalate conflicts, and support keeping students focused and on track. Here are a few simple tips to increase the tranquility level of your classroom.

Incorporate the beauty of nature 


ntrBringing plant life, seasonal or otherwise into the classroom can help soften the institutional feel of many modern classrooms. As a bonus, it can usually be gathered without cost. Try something as simple as a few flowers in a vase. Or if you are more adventurous create a nature table and encourage students to bring plant life that they find soothing.

Augment the Lighting 

Gentle lighting can help make the classroom more inviting and forgiving. Try using tapestries to cover the direct lighting and soften the overall feel of the classroom.

Mindful Melodies


jzMusic can be a great way to help students focus during independent practice. Experiment with Jazz or classical music during times when students are applying the skills from the lesson. 

Have some great tips to share? Add them in the comment section below!

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