The Quick Key Story

Birth of a teacher tool…

Quick Key is a suite of mobile teacher tools created by Walter Duncan, a 15-year classroom teacher who used rapid classroom feedback to get his students into the top 15% of the Massachusetts MCAS exam. Using daily short quizzes, graded instantly, Walter was able to identify students and subjects that needed to be re-taught before moving on to the next lesson. The only problem with Walter’s system? Burn-out.

So Walter teamed up with Isaac D. Van Wesep, a friend from college, to build a prototype of Quick Key, a teacher tool for your phone that scans and grades quizzes and tests anywhere, with or without the Internet, and sends the results to your school’s electronic grade book.

Soon, 300 other teachers got on board, backing Quick Key’s Kickstarter to bring the prototype to market. The first version of Quick Key’s mobile teacher tool launched on the Apple App Store in September 2013. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Our promise

When you partner with us we stand by you every step of the way. We set up your school or district account, we train your teachers, we walk your organization step by step through the implementation process, and we handle all of the support. Quick Key integrates seamlessly into existing systems so that technology departments are not impacted, and your teachers get the tools they need while reducing their workload.

– Walter Duncan, Co-Founder, Quick Key & Design by Educators, Inc.

Join Quick Key co-founder Walter Duncan on twitter and ask him anything you would like. His handle is @4_teachers, he enjoys talking about Blooms Taxonomy, Formative Assessment, and Project Based Learning with educators around the globe.

CBS News Video: Quick Key

CBS Boston news coverage of Quick Key App

Meet the Quick Key Team

Isaac D. Van Wesep
Walter Duncan

Teacher / Co-Founder

Shawn Rosenberger

VP Sales

Paul Deardorff

Software Architect

Matt Wymore

Software Engineer

Jhon Fuenzalida

Software Engineer

Our Advisers

Gary June

Partner, Hatch Group. CMO Pearson Education.

Rita Ferrandino

Partner, ARC Capital

Steve Zukowski

SVP, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Kevin Custer

Partner, ARC Capital

Schuyler Lance

Managing Partner, Sustain VC

Our Customers

Spotlight on Quick Key Power Teacher and Vanguard Ambassador Cher Wheeler

My favorite thing about teaching is fostering a love of literature in my students. I love to see them get excited about a great story or poem and hearing their literature discussions energizes me.

I love the formative feedback that is provided instantly with Quick Key’s teacher tools because it helps me quickly address areas of weakness.

Students love getting a score instantly while the information is fresh on their minds, so that they can make corrections and ask questions.

Quick Key is invaluable for both students and teachers!

Cher Wheeler
WJMS, 6th Grade ELA 
BCPS, Mythology 101 and Mythology Honors (online courses) 

What the press are saying

sharing our passion for closing the digital divide


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