Anti-Bullying Software
One of the great rewards of running a company with a social mission is getting to be involved in the growth and development of people and their ideas. When we started Design by Educators the people who built the software for were Walter’s former students and friends. One of those friends ended up staying with the company for several years and is responsible for a lot of the online user experience of Quick Key. Now he has branched out and started a company of his own.

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It’s called BRIM anti-bullying software. It’s very new, but already getting rave reviews from schools. And if I know anything about the architect behind the business and the software I know that it is going to be reliable and focused on core benefits for end-users.

I like to think Design by Educators had something to do with Paul (BRIM’s founder) focusing his ample talents on software grounded in sound pedagogy, and in particular on something that helps strengthen our social fabric and improve students’ lives. But no matter the reasons behind BRIM’s genesis, one thing is for sure: Paul and his growing team at BRIM are going to build something special.

If you have a need for anti-bullying software (your state may require it), then I recommend you visit

Good luck Paul!