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How to Succeed with Response to Intervention in a Tiered Instruction Environment: a Case Study

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Before Becoming the Top Performer in its District, This School Had to Review How Data Was and Wasn’t Shared in PLC Teams. Lake Arthur High School had been doing Response to Intervention (RTI), PLC, and Tiered Instruction techniques ever since their new principal Amanda Fontenot joined the team a few years ago. The system was [...]

Spring Pilot Free Enrollment is Open: Quick Key

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71% Improvement on State Summatives* That's the kind of result our users get in just one semester when Quick Key makes formative assessment easy, fast, and effective. But you don't need a whole semester: our partners report measurable impact is immediate. The Quick Key Pilot:We take care of everything. You get actionable data.That's real-time data you [...]

Scantron Grading App For Your Phone: Quick Key Mobile

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"It's like a Scantron, but for your phone!! -Right This Minute A Scantron app for your phone Quick Key scans paper Scantron sheets using your Android or iOS device Quick Key scans free bubble sheets from Quick Key. You use these free bubble sheets from Quick Key. Quick Key [...]

Implementing Educational Technology: the SAMR Model

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Exploring the challenges of introducing technology in the classroom using the SAMR Model. Are you one of those "Tech Savvy" teachers? You know who you are. You’re that “tech savvy” teacher that your peers sometimes don’t know what to think about, but when something breaks, or they need a new idea, you’re their first stop. Perhaps [...]