January 2018

Value Added Technology Integration for Teaching & Learning

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by Dan Ryder Value Added. That was the first lesson I learned about technology integration.  To what extent does Technology X bring value, meaning, and/or purpose to the learning experience?   (This was followed quickly by how to make a PowerPoint slide featuring a cartoon duck smashing a computer.)   I came of classroom educator age in [...]

August 2016

Enio De Aragon's Blog: a solid resource for Teach BIG technology

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If you love learning about new teaching technologies that help you be creative and student-focused in a data-driven world, you might want to sign up to the email newsletter of Enio De Aragon's blog. Enio, who works at one of Brazil's most important education organizations, keeps a running list of technology tools, and he regularly adds [...]

Jeff Davis Interviews Quick Key's CEO

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Jeff Davis, host of the radio show Radio Entrepreneurs, interviewed Isaac D. Van Wesep - Quick Key's President and CEO - on Wednesday August 17, 2016. Isaac was invited to the show to talk about how the Quick Key team was able to combine traditional angel funding with a Kickstarter campaign to launch a niche professional productivity [...]

Best Blogs: Maureen Davis's Engage Students

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What's not to love about Maureen Davis's "Engage Students" blog? Davis is an instructional technology specialist, and her blog contains a wealth of technology reviews as well as "Live Binders" which allow teachers to share resources with each other and their students. If you use Google Classroom, Maureen has dozens of helpful tips on how to use Google [...]

EZ Grader for Mobile Devices

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EZ Graders go mobileEZ grader is how Teresa Boulnois - a seventh grade ELA teacher in Charlotte, NC - describes Quick Key's mobile grading app platform. According to Boulnois, "When other teachers in the middle school ask me how I can do exit tickets every day in my class, even though I only get the Chromebook cart twice a week, [...]

July 2014

Zipgrade or Quick Key: Which is best?

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Q: Which is the best mobile grading app? Quick Key or ZipGrade? A: It depends! Quick Key and ZipGrade are both tools for getting rapid feedback in the classroom. Both of them can scan paper bubble sheets and give you an instant report on your mobile device by student or by question. Depending on your needs, you [...]