5 reasons you should start using Data Driven Entry & Exit Tickets today

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by Marlon Davis, Ed.M. What are Exit Tickets and Entry Tickets? Entry and exit tickets are perhaps the easiest and straightforward way to get the benefits of data for informing and differentiating instruction. Put simply, Entry and Exit tickets are short prompts that can provide instructors with a quick student diagnostic. These exercises can be [...]

How to build and administer digital entry and exit tickets

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Data-Driven Exit and Entry Tickets are a great way to use data to inform instruction & engage students. by Marlon Davis, Ed.M. What are Exit Tickets and Entry Tickets? Entry and exit tickets are perhaps the easiest and straightforward way to get the benefits of data for informing and differentiating [...]

Is your school or district ready for data-driven instruction?

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Is your school or district ready for data driven instruction? Ensure your success with data and read this self-assessment checklist. Using data is altogether different from having data. Seems obvious. But school and district leaders who have succeeded in using data to improve student outcomes know [...]

5 ways to support classroom management through family engagement

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Why you should read this post on classroom management I am writing this article to share with you some of the things that helped me lead two consecutive school turnarounds at two urban public schools. Whether you are a brand-new teacher or principal or a seasoned veteran, the content of this post will help you become [...]

Celebrating your data champions!

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Sing the praises of your staff while “de-personalizing” the use of data for teaching and learning. by Marlon Davis, M.Ed. As a former school principal (and current trainer of principals), I often hear well-intentioned teachers talk about the drudgery of using data to drive classroom instruction. If you are facing these objections - whether rooted [...]

Higher New York State Test & Regents Scores: Six Surefire Steps

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There is still time to improve your students' scores on this year's New York State Tests and Regents exams. This simple guide to data-driven instruction will get you measurable results in just one semester. Busting the data-driven myth Myth: You won't see measurable outcomes from data-driven instruction [...]

Validated Learning receives 2018 Visionary Award from City of Cambridge, MA

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Cambridge, MA:  Validated Learning Co. received a 2018 Visionary Award from the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce today. Cambridge Mayor Marc C. McGovern presented the Award to company CEO Isaac D. Van Wesep and his co-founder Walter O. Duncan who received it on behalf of the company. The Award was given in recognition of Validated Learning’s [...]

Share your Quick Key Expertise & Get Free Stuff

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Share your Quick Key expertise & we will give you free school supplies from S&S Worldwide, the USA's leading retailer for all things education! How do you use Quick Key? How do you teach others to use it? Share your testimonial, how-to video, PDF guide, or other training and PD materials with us [...]

Improving Student Engagement and Outcomes with a Human-Centered Approach to Data-Driven Instruction

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Data-Driven instruction improves student outcomes and increases student engagement. In this white paper, we give you step-by-step instructions for how to implement data-driven instruction in your school or district, using a human-centric approach. Includes real-life examples and case studies from our partners. Download the free PDF [...]