Why you need a Chromebook Kiosk App for Tests and Quizzes

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Kiosk apps are a great way to cheat-proof your tests With so many teachers working in the Google Classroom environment, and getting lots of benefits from student Google Chromebooks, it's only natural to want to give online tests and quizzes on these machines. But there is one problem: using web-based apps for tests and quizzes [...]

GDPR Compliance Statement

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Quick Key is a GDPR compliant SaaS software service. The following are our GDPR-related policies: Cookies: Quick Key does not require users to allow cookies in order to use our services or get information. You can set your cookie preferences in your browser. We use Google Analytics (https://marketingplatform.google.com/about/analytics/) to help improve your experience on our [...]

How to Succeed with Response to Intervention in a Tiered Instruction Environment: a Case Study

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Before Becoming the Top Performer in its District, This School Had to Review How Data Was and Wasn’t Shared in PLC Teams. Lake Arthur High School had been doing Response to Intervention (RTI), PLC, and Tiered Instruction techniques ever since their new principal Amanda Fontenot joined the team a few years ago. The system was [...]

Convert Quiz Assessment from Microsoft Word or PDF

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Do you have quizzes, tests, or other assessments in Microsoft Word or PDF format? You can now import them (including each item and any standards or tags attached) into Quick Key. The process is easy: we do it for you. Interested? Click the Talk to Use Button below and tell us you want [...]

Defy Ventures: another Quick Key partner that is doing good and growing fast

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We are proud to support Defy Ventures as they work to train incarcerated individuals to become entrepreneurs and leaders, and congratulate them on their outstanding success over the last five years. Defying Expectations Defy Ventures Founder Cat Hote Defy Ventures, one of Quick Key's partner organizations, is a non-profit organization that offers a [...]

How North Carolina Schools Use SchoolNet And Quick Key Together to Measurably Improve Student Outcomes

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These North Carolina Schools Use SchoolNet And Quick Key Together to Measurably Improve Student Outcomes. Carver High School and Guilford Prep (a Charter Public School) have found that using Quick Key alongside SchoolNet makes it easier for them to implement meaningful and effective frequent formative assessments according to their pacing [...]

3 Steps to Measurable Improvement in High-Needs Schools

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It is Hard to Get Recognition for Improvement at a High-Needs School ... BUT YOU CAN! The joy of teaching is too often undermined by the immense focus on standardized testing, proficiency expectations, and school report cards. Only teachers can truly understand the difficulty of meeting [...]

From Scantron to Mobile Grading at the Idaho Virtual School District

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The Idaho Virtual Academy (IDVA) is a virtual school serving high school students across the state. Each semester, students in roughly a dozen testing centers arrive for in-person, on-paper final exams covering each subject. Before 2016,  a team of several staff from the office of Julie Ingwersen, Data Coordinator for IDVA, would run each test through a [...]

Top Five Questions to Ask about your school’s use of formative assessment tools & data

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It's That Time of Year Again... Lo and behold, it's time to start getting ready for state tests. So: what are you going to do this year, that you didn't do last year, to maximize your students' success on these upcoming exams? Data from traditional formative assessments - i.e. benchmark tests - aren't going to [...]

3 Ways to Get your Frequent Formative Game On NOW

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If you start using weekly or bi-weekly formative assessments to guide instruction and remediation right now, you can increase the number of students scoring "proficient" or better on the state exam by 10-25%. Outlandish? Hardly. This is exactly what is happening with the schools and teachers I am working with today. The Academic Research Research [...]