Do you have quizzes, tests, or other assessments in Microsoft Word or PDF format?

You can now import them (including each item and any standards or tags attached) into Quick Key.

The process is easy: we do it for you.


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What can you do with your imported assessments?


Give assessments on student mobile devices

Give assessments on student Chromebooks

Bank your Items for Later Use

Why are we doing this?

Having to get your question items into an assessment system can be a hassle. And when you have so much good work stuck on Word, or PDF, or in another system, why waste it? We want to help you do what you do best: teach. And this is one way we can help with that. There is another reason, too: we want to give you the ability to bank your question items as individual items in a new platform we are calling X-Change. Launching a new platform is complicated, so we are doing it in stages. Stage 1 is getting assessment items into X-Change so you can see how it works.

To learn more, click the “Talk to Us” button below and then tell us you are interested in learning more about importing your quizzes into Quick Key.

Ask Us a Question
Ask Us a Question