EZ grader for iPhone

EZ Graders go mobile

EZ grader is how Teresa Boulnois – a seventh grade ELA teacher in Charlotte, NC – describes Quick Key’s mobile grading app platform. According to Boulnois, “When other teachers in the middle school ask me how I can do exit tickets every day in my class, even though I only get the Chromebook cart twice a week, I tell them it’s my EZ Grader! Then I tell them the app is called Quick Key.”

Works on Apple and Android

Now that Quick Key lets Apple and Android device users to scan bubble sheets and Scantron sheets from 10 to 60 questions, it’s an indispensable tool for teachers like Teresa. 

And since Quick Key is free for teachers, this time-saving tool is a no-brainer for your toolkit this school year. Quick Key offers free bubble sheets so you don’t have to pay for Scantron sheets, or wait in line to use the machine. Just pull out your phone or tablet and start scanning. Quick Key’s EZ grader app scans 100 quizzes in less than 10 minutes. 

New for 2016

For the 2016-17 school year, Quick Key is working on a number of improvements, including multi-select scanning, more powerful point-weighting, a bank of exit ticket quizzes for math and ELA, as well as improvements to their Apple and Android mobile apps. Last year Quick Key made their Android app the best in the business with their A-sync mobile API, which lets Android users scan, score, and report quiz results on their mobile device even without the Internet. And of course, Quick Key integrates with PowerSchool, the world’s #1 SIS platform for schools and teachers.

Quick Key has a reputation for having the best scanning on mobile devices, and the best customer service, even for teachers with free accounts. Sign up for free. You can even add your roster using Google Classroom, or upload it from Excel. Find out why Teresa calls Quick Key her EZ Grader!