Google Classroom and Quick Key Mobile Make one to one accessible for all

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Google Classroom & Quick Key Make One To One Assessment Accessible For All

First of all, there is no question that one to one classrooms deliver tremendous benefit to students. Furthermore, they permit the most valuable data, from classroom formative assessment, to be instantly gathered and used for meaningful feedback and instruction. However, the crippling cost of launching a one-to-one program makes it out of reach for schools that need it most.

Quick Key and Google Classroom give equitable access to allWhat can be done about this? How can mission-driven school leaders ensure that their students have equitable access to the digital future? How can they get their students access without the unreasonable costs?

To help address this Quick Key has partnered with Google Classroom to do something about it. Below you will find the easy tutorial for our newest feature, Quick Key 1-to-1 and how using it with Google Classroom makes one to one assessment effortless and accessible for all. 

Assess For Learning on Chromebooks, Laptops, or any device in 3 easy steps

  1. “Sign In With Google” to create your free Quick Key and Google Classroom connected account here.
  2. Watch this 2 minute video and import your Google Classroom students (include their email addresses).
  3. Send a Quick Key 1-to-1 assignment and complete it on any Chromebook, laptop, or mobile device. No login, special student app, or password required. Don’t have school email addresses for your students? No problem, students can still use Quick Key one to one.  

Brand new to Quick Key? We make the research proven benefits of immediate and meaningful feedback, and data guided instruction available for schools and districts without one to one.

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