Quick Key now does Gridded Response

After several months of R&D, I am proud to announce that Quick Key now does Gridded Response for numerical answers on paper quizzes. You can view our help article here

What is Gridded Response? 

Gridded Response uses a paper bubble sheet with bubbles for digits 0-9, plus decimal point, negative sign, and division symbol. using these gridded response sheets, you can now build quizzes with questions we call “Exact Numerical Match” answers, where students bubble-in their answers on a special gridded bubble sheet. 

Is Gridded Response only for Paper Quizzes? 

No ma’am! You can give numerical match questions using our paper bubble sheets AND digitally using the QK-121 digital app for students. When you use numerical match questions for digital quizzes with QK-121, you can mix them in with our other question types, including multiple choice, multi-answer, multi-select, and open response. When using paper, you can’t use gridded and multiple choice on the same quiz (although you can mix open response with gridded responses).

Are gridded response bubble sheets free? 

YES! You can use gridded response sheets with your free Quick Key account. 

Quick Key's 5-question Gridded Exit Ticket for Math

Quick Key’s 5-question Gridded Exit Ticket for Math

How do I make a Gridded Response Quiz?

Check out this tutorial on how to use the new “Exact Numerical Match” question type in your quizzes, which can be graded on paper using the Gridded Response Bubble Sheet. 

Are there any advantages to using Gridded Response with QK-121 for Chromebook and Student Devices? 

There are. One advantage of Exact Match questions over open response is Quick Key can grade them instantly and automatically. Also, Exact Match is a flexible question type, allowing you to not only ask math questions. You can ask any question using Exact Match, as long as your students can answer exactly as you prescribe in your answer choices. For example, if you wanted to ask “What is the capital of California?” you could define acceptable answers as “Sacramento” for a full point, and a common misspelling “Sacrimento” for a half-point. 


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