These North Carolina Schools Use SchoolNet And Quick Key Together to Measurably Improve Student Outcomes.

Carver High School and Guilford Prep (a Charter Public School) have found that using Quick Key alongside SchoolNet makes it easier for them to implement meaningful and effective frequent formative assessments according to their pacing guides, and facilitate PLT meetings and data sharing. The reasons are:

  1. It is faster to give an assessment using Quick Key

  2. Students get instant feedback in the classroom as soon as they finish the Quiz

  3. It is easy to share data from Quick Key Quizzes with PLT teams

  4. Quick Key will import existing MS Word, Google Docs, and PDF assessments into Quick Key, so there is no need to cut and paste to build a quiz

  5. Quick Key allows tracking standards and other tags

  6. Quick Key grades paper quizzes with mobile devices and does Chromebook quizzes on one simple platform

  7. Quick Key rosters with PowerSchool and sends results directly to PowerTeacher

Instructional Superintendent Dr. Karen Roseboro Talks Quick Key

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