Quick Key Mobile™ is an app for iPhone and iPad that turns those devices into optical scanners, to grade paper assessments in a flash. The free app is available on the Quick Key Homepage 

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The Power of Being Connected

I feel so lucky everyday when I venture out into the Twitterverse and connect with other like minded educators. I have had the pleasure of gaining insight into a diversity of practices that challenge and change my way of thinking about teaching every day.

I have also had the joy of just plain meeting cool people and discovering their insightful content. Recently I connected with @sonrisadelcampo, I recommend that teachers of world language subscribe immediately to her blog! The following is a piece she wrote about my formative assessment app, Quick Key.

Teaching Spanish w/ Comprehensible Input

Quick Key is an app created by Walter O. Duncan IV (@4_teachers) to help teachers quickly grade short assessments like Ticket Out the Door or quizzes.

I found the app in a round-about way from Twitter (just another reason why Twitter is a key part of my PLN). After I downloaded the app, I printed a few QK Tickets, (scantron sheets), and started working with the app. I added a list of names, assigned them to a class, made the answer key on the app, and filled in several student answer sheets.