Flying Kites’ Launch Pad and Quick Key

You know you are paying it forward when people do amazing things with your ed-tech software and you have to find out through the social media grapevine. I was overjoyed to see this video on Facebook today. This is why we invented Quick Key Mobile.

About Flying Kites

Flying Kites is a non-profit focused on helping kids. According to their Website “Since we opened our doors in 2007, Flying Kites has been on a journey to ignite the potential of orphaned and critically-poor children in Kenya.  Our work stands apart, and our impact is profound, due to the deep and long-term investment we make in the lives of young people.”

Grading App in Kenya Non Profit

This video shows how they are using Quick Key to help them with their Launch Pad program.

Flying Kites, you have our full support! Give me a call!