Are Your Students #NumeracyNinjas ?


If you love learning about new ways to help you be creative and student-focused in a data-driven world, you might want to check out Numeracy Ninjas. The brainchild of Math teacher William Emeny, this program is awesome.

According to Emeny Numeracy Ninjas is a project driven by the belief that all students excel in math and leave school functionally numerate. We aim to put the right resources into the hands of talented maths teachers, completely for free, in order to make this happen.”

I would like to highlight that his program is completely FREE! You can use it to make sure that you catch the gaps in student numeracy skills and remediate them gamified challenges, allowing them to move forward to new concepts with more certainty and success.

In addition to Numeracy Ninjas, William’s Blog Great Maths Teaching Ideas, is a solid resource of research-based best practices, be sure to check it out and follow him on Twitter at @Maths_Master, you will be happy you did! 

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