Quick Key Mobile™ is an app for iPhone and iPad that turns those devices into optical scanners, to grade paper assessments in a flash. The free app is available on the Quick Key Homepage 

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@coolcatteacher blogs about Quick Key!

When I joined Twitter one of the first teachers I followed was Vicki Davis aka @coolcatteacher. She had a huge following and her tweets were authentic and helpful. I was overjoyed when she followed me back! I reached out to her, never really expecting to get to speak with her, and lo and behold she took the time to speak with me by phone. I am excited to hear that she has launched a new project, a collaborative study of the book Physics of the Future. Though this collaborative project may have come to a conclusion, I encourage you to reach out to her about her next collaborative experience.
Imagine my surprise when months later I discovered that she decided to cover Quick Key on her blog! It is so nice to connect with someone in my PLN, who is as authentic and committed to students as Vicki is, who would take the time to support this Teacherpreneur. 
Thank you Vicki! Please check out her blog post here: http://www.coolcatteacher.com/photos/quick-key/
And by all means like her Facebook page for awesome updates!
Thanks Vicki, you are an inspiration to all the Teacherpreneurs out there!