GDPR Compliance Statement

Quick Key is a GDPR compliant SaaS software service. The following are our GDPR-related policies:

  • Cookies:
    • Quick Key does not require users to allow cookies in order to use our services or get information. You can set your cookie preferences in your browser.
    • We use Google Analytics ( to help improve your experience on our Website and Web Application. Google Analytics uses cookies, if you allow it via your browser settings
    • We use Intercom ( for online and in-app chat. Intercom may collect location data based on IP address. This data is not managed by Quick Key.
  • Personal data
    • To get Quick Key account, you must enter a valid email address. This is the only information required to have and use a Quick Key account. You may request this information to be removed from our system (see Removal of personal data, below).
  • Student data
    • No identifying information about students is needed to use Quick Key. Users are teachers. Students do not need a login. Teachers may choose to load student first and last names, email addresses, and/or school ID numbers. However these are not necessary. You may request this information to be removed from our system (see Removal of personal data, below).
  • Data storage
    • All Quick Key data is stored in a Postgres database on Amazon Web Services (, managed by Heroku (
  • The following information is available to EU GDPR compliance officers on demand, following proof of identity and credentials:
    • Physical location of our data storage servers
    • Physical location of our compute servers
    • A list of what personal data is stored
  • Financial and credit card information
    • Quick Key does not store credit card information. This information is stored by PayPal, Inc. ( or its subsidiary Braintree Payments (
  • Removal of personal data
    • You have the right to have all of your personal information removed from Quick Key’s database at any time. Do do so, please email us and your data will be removed within 72 hours.
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Isaac D. Van Wesep is the CEO of Validated Learning Co.

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