Quick Key Mobile™ is an app for iPhone and iPad that turns those devices into optical scanners, to grade paper assessments in a flash. The free Open Beta version of the app is available on the iTunes App Store at www.tinyurl.com/quickkeymobile  


We are pleased to announce an update to the Open Beta version of the Quick Key Mobile™ app and the www.quickkeyapp.com website. We have been listening carefully to feedback from our users since the Open Beta launched, and we have worked to incorporate it into all that we do. As always, we are grateful to all of the folks for spreading the word to their friends and colleagues about Quick Key.

Quick Key Update (what’s new)

  • IN APP CUSTOMER SUPPORT (mobile). It just got a lot easier to reach out to us for support. On the home page of the app, just click “Support Center”. You now have the option of sending us a support ticket (we respond quickly, I promise!), communicating with fellow users, and downloading Quick Tickets that can be printed right from your device.
  • BUG FIXES (mobile). New software often has pesky bugs. Your participation in our Open Beta has helped us to find and squash a few of the most recent ones, THANK YOU!!!
  • NEW FEATURES (web). You can now create quizzes on the web! Just click on “NEW QUIZ” on the Quizzes tab, and customize your quiz and assign it to classes right from the web. QK Pro Tip: there is a new question field that can be used to enter quiz questions, or associate questions with standards.

If you are a fan of Quick Key please leave us a rating and review on iTunes. As always teach like your hair is on fire, and have an awesome day of classes!
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