Thanks to our first 113 backers, the Quick Key Kickstarter Campaign is off to an amazing start!

So many of our friends and family have come out to support us. I am giving all of you a virtual hug right now! We are so thankful for your early backing. It matters a lot that you didn’t wait to support us. Thank you!

But I also need to thank the community of educators who have backed our campaign, taken our Dream Features Survey, and signed up to beta test Quick Key.

You All are the FUTURE of Quick Key and the life-blood of the software. Thank You for taking the time to tell us which features Quick Key should have. And thank you for backing our campaign so we have the resources we need to build it right!

Together, we are bringing R&D into the 21st century by making it collaborative. You, our users, are participating in making a software tool that really works because you helped design it.

Our Campaign ends June 30, but the Quick Key project will continue throughout the summer and fall.

We are all really excited over here. Thank you to everybody, and don’t forget to continue to spread the word so we can raise the funds to deliver the best possible version of Quick Key!


Isaac D. Van Wesep
Co-Founder, President & CEO
Design by Educators, Inc. 
Maker of Quick Key