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Roya Nabi is another example of a dedicated  Quick Key beta tester. She has helped us work out the kinks in our app and offered wonderful ideas on how to improve it. We are so thankful for her support and willingness to share Quick Key with her colleagues. Like other beta testers she has discovered ways to maximize Quick Key in her classroom. Roya, thank you for being amazing, your students are lucky to have you!

Who is Roya Nabi? 

My Name is Roya Nabi. I work in Voorhees NJ at Eastern Regional High School (we are a suburb of Philadelphia). I have been teaching since 2000 and have taught Advanced Placement Biology during my entire carreer. I have also taught all various levels of freshman biology, (honors and lower levels). I received my BS and MS degree in Biotechnology from WPI (I grew up in Worcester), teaching was something that sort of fell on my lap accidentally.

Other than Teaching, what is she passionate about?

I have a lot interests and hobbies, probably the most exciting and unique one is my passion for cars. Whether I am a spectator or driver, I love the noise, the horsepower, the physics and mechanics in racing. My husband and I have been taking part in various racing events (Hill-climbs or track courses) for many years, we also like to attend big racing events like American LeMans or Rolex Series. My dream is to see an F1 race someday.

How Roya makes Quick Key work for her students!

I have been using it in my AP and Honors Bio classes for quizzes that have 30 or less questions. I have all of my students imported on the website, along with their designated classes. I use the website just as much, if not more than the app, for data and exporting the .CSV files.

What does she do with the time she saves! 

The scanning saves me time in a number of ways: 1. no need to request for scantrons from the secretaries 2. no need to fill in the key for the scantrons 3. no need to go to the workroom to scan the sheets. 4. grades are already on computer. It’s really excellent!! With the extra time I am probably doing what I always have to do…more grading!

How she uses the Micro-Data!

It’s nice to see the summary of the assessment so quickly and know where the strengths and weaknesses are for a class. I have also been trying to use the socrative.com site to get the same immediate feedback in a non-testing situation. (If you don’t know about “socrative.com” it’s great tool, as long as your students have smart devices).

Roya’s Dream features for Quick Key!

1. More Q’s on tickets, 50 q’s , 100’s to use with bigger assessments, that is #1 dream for me.
2. An easier way for it to sync grades with with Powerteacher.
3. I have more, but I can’t think of them right now!!

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