Jeff Davis, host of the radio show Radio Entrepreneurs, interviewed Isaac D. Van Wesep – Quick Key’s President and CEO – on Wednesday August 17, 2016. Isaac was invited to the show to talk about how the Quick Key team was able to combine traditional angel funding with a Kickstarter campaign to launch a niche professional productivity application into the mobile SaaS market. 

During the 12-minute interview, Isaac talks about how fortunate he and his co-founder have been in finding the right team members to grow the business, how the company launched it first product, and where Quick Key is going next. 

Jeffrey Davis, the host of the show, is a management consultant, angel investor, and executive coach based in Newton, Massachusetts. He has coached and consulted with more than 700 companies and CEOs in his 20-year career, which also included teaching entrepreneurial finance courses at Babson College’s Olin Graduate School of Business.

Listen to the interview here: