Healthy Classroom Relationships Contribute to Higher Academic Achievement

“Building positive classroom relationships has a major impact on a student’s academic and behavioral success.  When students believe that their teacher values and respects them, they are more likely to value and respect the teacher.”  -Courtney Dealy, Boys Town National Training

Resources for Building a Healthy Classroom Culture

teacher-smart5 Strategies to Build A Healthy Classroom Culture. These simple tips will help improve your classroom culture.

Fostering Relationships in the Classroom. This post by Larry Ferlazzo, a veteran educator in underserved schools, shares 6 practical activities that you can incorporate this week.

The Key to Classroom Management. Robert J. Marzano lists the research-based strategies that build positive classroom relationships.

Motivation! Listen to Marcos Torres, a teacher at Corona High School in Corona, Calif. He shares his strategies for motivating students to more fully engage in the learning process.

Developing Relationships with Difficult students. Lori Rakes & Audra Parker of AMLE, share 4 keys to successfully building relationships, with your most challenging students.


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