More than just great software for assessing student progress in the classroom:

Validated Learning offers wraparound services to make sure you reach your improvement and achievement goals.

P.D. & training, action planning, custom item banking, and assessment creation

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explore Quick Key use cases

Switching From Scantron

Read how the Idaho Virtual School District stopped using Scantron for their mid-terms and finals, cut turnaround time from days to minutes, and cut costs in half, all using Quick Key's mobile scanner.

Moving to Digital Benchmark Assessments

Discover a way to move your district from paper benchmarks to digital benchmarks painlessly, with an achievable pace of change for both early-adopter teachers and those who need to move slowly away from paper, while building your own private repository of test items & analysis. Cassia School District did it with Quick Key.

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Instructional differentiation using classroom feedback data

Learn how Lake Arthur High School made their PLC meetings more meaningful and productive, and their RTI sessions more focused, resulting in significant measurable improvements in student outcomes in just the first year.

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1-to-1 Device Quizzing


Send quizzes to student devices.
No sign-in or app installs needed.
Get an instant score and itemization report on your device

Mobile Grading


Give quizzes and tests on paper.
Grade the papers with your phone or tablet.
Get an instant score and itemization report on your device

Google Forms Grader


Turn Google Forms into Quick Key Quizzes.
Sync your Google Classroom Roster.
Use all your favorite Google Classroom Form tools.
Get an instant score and itemization report on your device

File cabinet full of quizzes? We’ve got a robot for that…

If your teachers have a treasure trove of assessment material locked away in MSWord, PDF, and Google Doc format, we can turn it into digital assessments with individual trackable items for you. Our custom-built software robot makes the work accurate and inexpensive.

Quick Key Imports .docx and PDF files and converts them into items and quizzes


Give us all your MS Word, Google Doc, and PDF assessments

Quick Key Imports .docx and PDF files and converts them into items and quizzes


Our importer does the cutting-and-pasting for you, turning each question into a fully-editable Quick Key Item.

Quick Key Imports .docx and PDF files and converts them into items and quizzes


Now you can give all your standards-aligned assessments on Chromebook, Mobile, or Scanned Paper, with full district-level data reporting.


Get buy-in on data-driven learning initiatives

A broad choice of tools fits every teacher’s comfort level for smoother change management


Budget & Network Friendly

Eliminate Scantron costs with free printable PDFs. Do digital assessments with whatever devices are at-hand. No new hardware. Cloud and mobile apps are independent of the school network.


Mobile, Online, Paper, Google Forms, all on one platform

No matter what method your teachers choose for their assessments, all your data goes to one place: your district grade book and Quick Key’s longitudinal standards progress reports.


Track Student Progress

Roll-up reporting for administrators.
Item tagging and analysis.

Use a phone or tablet to do rapid formative assessment in the classroom.

Use Common or Teacher-Made assessments. Track mastery in real time, and over time. Sync with Google Classroom and your LMS / SIS.

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Works Anywhere, Anyhow

Quick Key connects the district to the classroom using cutting-edge mobile networking, but it also works as an instant assessment tool for teachers working in single-device classrooms with low/no Internet.

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What do our partners say about Quick Key?

amanda fontenot headshot.001
Amanda Fontenot

Principal, Lake Arthur High School

“Quick Key transformed our RTI process. Our PLC meetings became meaningful and delivered very significant quantifiable improvements in student achievement.”

Kristian Still.001
Kristian Still

-Vice Principal, Wellington Academy, Wiltshire, UK

“Its what you learn about what students learnt (or didn’t learn) with the results from Quick Key, that make it so effective for our teachers.”

Jennifer Woodbury.001
Jennifer Woodbury

Curriculum Coordinator, Cassia County School District

“We use Quick Key for benchmarks. The tool is allowing us to make the transition off of Scantron and on to a digital platform that gives us the reports we need. Quick Key has also given us a level of service we haven’t gotten from any other vendor and I think that is a big selling point.”

roseboro headshot.001
Dr. Karen Roseboro

Assistant Superintendent for School Transformation, Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools

“We are so thankful to Quick Key for changing the way we do our instructional business, with real-time data … and student engagement is at an all time high.”


Interested in assessment solutions for your school?

Attend our Rapid Classroom Assessment Webinar and learn how this best practice is being used to improve student performance in the classroom and on state exams, PARCC, SAT and ACT.

Or sign up your school or district for a free trial implementation of Quick Key. You’ll get all of the benefits of Quick Key Pro SITE, including a dedicated account manager, training, professional development resources, and premium phone support, all for free (Leadership sponsor required).

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