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How to use Google Classroom and Quick Key Courses to Differentiate Assessments by Accommodation

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Kayla Brimlow's clever hack for Google Classroom and Quick Key Courses: Kayla had to administer and grade assessments at three different levels of accommodation, and keep the results data organized, while minimizing the time she spent shoveling data. She solved it using Quick Key's Google Classroom roster integration and Quick Key's customizable Courses feature, as [...]

Why Do So Many Great Teachers Hate Data Driven Instruction?

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My Data Driven Instruction NightmareThursday morning, and it was cold. The day, designated for professional development. It was my first year at a high performing, "no excuses" charter school. The results were in from our first benchmark exam of the year. I sat, a little uneasy, knowing that my colleagues and I we were being judged [...]