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Blooms Taxonomy Guide for Multiple-Choice Questions and Question Stems in Formative Assessment

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How to use, measure, and track Bloom's Taxonomy in your Question Stems and Multiple Choice Questions According to Edglossary  "Blooms Taxonomy is a classification system used to define and distinguish different levels of human cognition—i.e., thinking, learning, and understanding." It's currently fashionable to bash multiple choice questions [...]

Teacher Tip: 3 Tips To Avoid Teacher Burnout

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"The truth is there is simply more work than there is time to do it, and some things are just beyond our control." -M. Connely 7th Grade Math, Atlanta GA In many instances, we as educators expect ourselves to be perfect because we understand the stakes for our students. Furthermore, we can lose sight of the [...]

The Teacher Toolkit: A Great Exit Ticket Primer for New Teachers

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Are you a new teacher? Imagine this: One morning, after Thanksgiving, you walk into class, take a look through the turned-in homework assignments on your desk, and you discover that some of your students have fallen behind so far that they can't catch up without some serious outside-of-classtime tutoring! Oh. No. Veteran teachers have figured [...]

Teach For America Partners with Quick Key

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Teach For America chooses Quick Key as perfect solution for national student survey initiativeActionable results allow teachers to continuously improve classroom practice and student learning experiences CAMBRIDGE, MASS. (August 08, 2016) Quick Key, the mobile assessment software that improves student performance and eliminates hand grading, and Teach For America (TFA) have partnered to implement the time-saving [...]

Quick Key Selected Again by Jaime Escalante Math

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For the second year in a row, Quick Key was selected as the assessment solution for the prestigious Jaime Escalante Math Program in Los Angeles. According to Fernando Fernandez, Director of Jaime Escalante Math: "Quick Key has been instrumental in realizing our goal of using real-time data each day to help our students to thrive. We [...]