How do you teach creatively and inspire your students in a world ruled by data?

With the FREE app that grades 100 paper tests in minutes AND lets your students take an assessment anywhere on any device!

QUICK KEY + Google Classroom + PowerSchool + Edmodo + On Paper + On Line + On Device…….AND STILL FREE!

Before Quick Key, I had never been able to assess FOR learning, get results, and give meaningful feedback all in the same class period.” -Tyler Welch, Honors Physical Science, Sumner Schools, TN.

How it works: 1-to-1 Device Quizzing with Quick Key (tutorial)

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Quick Key Quick Facts:
  • Created by a veteran teacher and funded on Kickstarter by 250 more.
  • Supports question weighting, open response, and essay rubric grading, and the Pearson coefficient
  • Quick Key 1-to-1 supports an unlimited amount of questions.