Teacher Appreciation Week Prize $20Quick Key is giving away $560 of school supplies, toys, and games for Teacher Appreciation Week.

How to Win:

All you need to do is use Quick Key between Monday May 08, 2017 and Friday May 12, 2017. Each day you give a quiz with Quick Key during Teacher Appreciation Week, you will be automatically entered to win one of 18 $20 gift codes to S&S Worldwide, and also automatically entered to win one of two $100 additional gift codes at the end of the week. 

Win $20 or $100 all week long to www.ssww.com

Anybody who gives a quiz with Quick Key during Teacher Appreciation Week is eligible to win one of the $100 prizes.  

Prize winners will be notified. To claim a prize all the winner needs to do is allow us to announce their win on the Quick Key blog and on our social media accounts. 

Teacher Appreciation Week S&S prize

 Contest Rules:

  1. Prize is a $20 Gift Code to S&S Worldwide (www.ssww.com), the world’s premier source of school supplies, games, and toys. Any Prize can be substituted for a free 1 Year subscription to Quick Key Pro.
  2. Grand Prize is $100 gift code to S&S Worldwide (www.ssww.com).
  3. 5 Prize Winners selected randomly Monday May 08 through Thursday May 11, 2017 from among everybody who does a quiz on each day. 3 Prize Winners selected on Friday May 12, 2017.
  4. 2 Grand Prize Winners selected randomly from everybody who did a quiz between Monday May 08, 2017 and Friday May 12, 2017.
  5. All winners mu provide their name, job title, school name, and a headshot. By accepting the prize, all Winners agree their information and likeness can be used on the Quick Key Blog and other promotional material, for the purpose of announcing the winners of the drawing.
Special Thanks to Hy, Paul, and Adam at S&S Worldwide for providing the prizes for Teacher Appreciation Week. S&S has been helping teachers and students play and learn for over a century. Thank you S&S!