exit ticket

Are you a new teacher?

Imagine this: One morning, after Thanksgiving, you walk into class, take a look through the turned-in homework assignments on your desk, and you discover that some of your students have fallen behind so far that they can’t catch up without some serious outside-of-classtime tutoring!

Oh. No.

Veteran teachers have figured out ways to avoid this end-of-semester disaster. One of the most popular is called the Exit Ticket, and it helps teachers at almost all grade levels ensure they know exactly where their students stand. Exit tickets also give teachers and students tools to remediate and get back on track.

If you’re new to the idea of Exit Tickets, this video is a great primer:



The blog post has videos from teachers in different subjects explaining how they use Exit Tickets in real-life. This is an AWESOME resource for new teachers or any teacher who wants to learn about Exit Tickets.


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