About Design by Educators’ Thought Leadership Series

By Walter Duncan, Co-Founder

I co-founded Design by Educators – an organization championing data-driven personalized learning and instruction – because I believe in the power of personalized instruction and mastery learning. As a certified ELA teacher with 15 years in the classroom, I saw first-hand the impact of engaging students to lead their own learning, as well as the benefits of open classrooms and rich collaboration between teachers with each other, with their students, and with leadership.

We can do more together

There is an amazing conversation happening now, about the new era we find ourselves in, and how we as educators can foster the next generation of learners and doers who will inherit our world. I want to be a part of forwarding that conversation by giving a platform to real-life educators with expertise borne of hands-on work in the trenches.

That’s where you come in, and where we can work together.

Learning, sharing, listening

The Design by Educators network contains more than 50,000 teachers and 7,500 school and district leaders, and we have the ability to promote every article to millions more.  When you contribute an article to the community, we host it on a dedicated Web page with your by-line. Anything you write with Design by Educators remains owned by you, is attributed to you, and you decide whether or not we continue to share it … or take it down.

But most importantly, what you share will be seen by tens of thousands of your colleagues, and contribute your unique perspective to a national conversation.

Want to get involved? Submit your idea or concept here.