Trouble signing up to learn about Beta Testing?

Thank you to Justin and the Reddit community! We never expected to get this kind of response to our video on You Tube.

And now that so many people are signing up on our website
to learn more about becoming a Beta tester, our little server is
crashing. We are so sorry if you are having trouble with our Web form.
Please try it again in a little bit…if you tried to sign up during a
spike in traffic you might have had trouble.

In the
meantime, we will be able to find you and send you info about becoming a
Beta Tester if you subscribe to our list here on the blog. OR, you can
sign up to the Teacher’s Round Table on Facebook. If you sign up to join the Round Table, it will send you info to Walter, and he can follow up with you.

You can track our video on Reddit here:

And follow Walter on Twitter at @4_teachers.


thanks for bearing with us.

Isaac and Walter

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Isaac D. Van Wesep is the CEO of Validated Learning Co.

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