We want teachers to get the most from Quick Key Mobile and www.quickkeyapp.com.

In this video, several of our users talk about how they use Quick Key, and whether or not it works for them in the classroom. Their stories might inspire you to give Quick Key a try.

Setting up your Quick Key account is faster than you might think: with our new List Importer feature (in the Students tab on the Quick Key Dashboard at www.quickkeyapp.com),
you can use your class list from your school’s electronic grade-book
and to set up your Students and Classes in Quick Key, in less
than a minute. It’s easy!
The first step is going to www.quickkeyapp.com and setting up an account. From there you can download the free Quick Key Mobile app from iTunes, download your Quick Ticket answer key image (to print and photocopy), and import your student list. And if you need help along the way, the Founders are ready and waiting to assist you via the Help Tab on the users Dashboard.