diverse workforce panelLearn Launch: promoting a diverse workforce

Our home town of Boston, Massachusetts is fortunate to also be the home of some of the biggest names in education publishing, like Pearson, Scholastic, and HMH. And Since 2012, an organization called Learn Launch has made Boston into a center for ed-tech entrepreneurship, too. Learn Launch is also committed to building a diverse workforce.

Ed-tech’s social impact

This week our very own Walter Duncan moderated a panel hosted by Learn Launch at their new offices on Summer St. in Boston’s seaport district.  The panel discussion, “Building a Diverse Workforce in Ed-Tech” featured Damon Cox, Director of Jobs and Economic Development for The Boston Foundation, David Delmar, Executive Director and Founder, of Resilient CodersMelissa James, President and CEO, The Tech Connection

Expert panelists

The panel discussed topics ranging from workforce development to team-building, culture-fit, and fostering entrepreneurship. One thing was very clear: the panelists, who represent three distinct pieces of the hiring and career development ecosystem and have worked together in a number of contexts over the years, were all pre-eminent thinkers in the field. Another clear conclusion: genius knows no zip code. In order for our nation (and indeed humanity) to meet the challenges facing us, we need to be sure to find and foster genius everywhere it exists.  

The panel was organized by Alyssa Kierkegaard and hosted by Learn Launch’s co-founder Eileen Rudden