We use Basecamp – the cloud app from 37 Signals – for collaboration. It’s a useful place to put to-do’s and to use as a record of our activities. We also use Basecamp to discuss issues. But I find that Basecmap’s calendar and to-do’s don’t allow the kind of detail we need for true project management  to occur. For example, We can set the start time of a meeting or event, but not the end time. Also, we can not assign a do-to to more than one person (a team to-do), nor can we post a to-do with a future start date. This means Basecamp is a collaboration tool for NOW, but not a great one for planning.

In my search for a way to bring more project management capability to Basecamp, I am trying out TeamWeek, software that lets me view all of our Basecamp To-Do’s on a calendar. There are limits to TeamWeek’s integration with Basecamp (especially since TeamWeek allows me to apply more information to an event or task than Basecamp does, I can not sync all the TeamWeek info back into Basecamp), but it looks promising.

CEO, DBE, Inc.