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Question Xchange Community

Over the past few years, teachers have written hundreds of thousands of question items in Quick Key’s Advanced Quiz Builder. Until now, those items have been “locked” inside the quizzes, tests, and surveys in which they were written. But now members of the Quick Key community have the option to re-use the items they have already written, and share them with each other, by joining the Question Xchange Community.

Teacher-Generated Questions in Xchange

How does the Xchange Community Work?

Xchange is a teachers-only community designed to help teachers create high-quality formative assessments by collaborating on the creation, alignment, and improvement of Question Items. Any Quick Key user can join the Xchange Community for free. As a member of the Community, you can help improve the quality and diversity of question items by helping to tag items with subject, standard, and grade level, or by making new versions of Items you find.

  • Share the questions you create
  • Find questions created by other teachers and shared to the Community
  • Tag the questions to align them with your standards or learning objectives
  • Like questions to let other teachers know about useful questions on the Xchange
  • If you find a question you like, but need to change to fit your needs, you can make a new version of that question to use in your assessment
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How do I join the Xchange Community?

The Xchange Community is now in beta and ready for you! There are more than 100,000 questions currently on the Xchange. To join, please chat with us by clicking on the chat icon below, and we can add you to the beta.

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What happens after I join?

  • When building a new quiz, test, or survey on Quick Key online you will now have the option to “Browse the Xchange” to find question items for your quiz.
  • You will still be able to write new questions of your own, which will be shared on the Xchange.
  • When you find a question you like, you can add tags to the question for Subject, Standard, Grade Level, Bloom’s Taxonomy Level, or Keyword.
  • You can also make a version of any question item so it better suits your unique needs.

Items in Xchange

Items in Xchange can be Multiple Choice, Open Response, or auto-graded short constructed response. They can be tagged with Standard/Objective, Subject, Level, Bloom’s Taxonomy, and more. Like Items to show that you think they are worthy of your assessments, or create a new version of any item so it fits your needs.

example Xchange community item

Browse the Xchange

Browse over 100,000 teacher-created items in a variety of subjects in the new Quick Key Advanced Quiz Builder.

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