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We started News and Notes to update everyone on all the exciting things that are going on in education in general. We want to keep you abreast of great blogs, interesting discussions, and new developments we discover from members of our PLN. 

I found my tribe!

That is what I exclaimed when I first met Jovan Miles AKA @blerdmedia on Twitter. He has managed to bring together a diversity of voices to comment on the culture we and our students are immersed in. I invite you to visit his site, and check out the different writers that comprise the Blerd Media Group. It is refreshing to hear their take on TV, movies, music and education. 
Additionally I was moved to see Quick Key show up on his site in the education section, I appreciate the love Jovan! Please keep moving the conversation about our culture forward!
Check out Quick Key on Blerd Media here: http://blerdmediagroup.com/education/
And check the entire Blerd Media Site here: http://blerdmediagroup.com/