January 2017

Top 5 characteristics of great classroom feedback

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Giving great classroom feedback is one of the most effective ways to improve student learning and overall performance. But all feedback is not created equal. In fact, bad feedback can be counterproductive to the same degree that great feedback can drive success. So what characteristics make great feedback great? The top 5 characteristics of great classroom feedback: [...]

Teacher Tip: 3 Tips For A Calm Classroom Environment

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Image courtesy of amaZEN U 3 Easy Tips for A Calmer ClassroomAs the new year gets underway, it is a good time to reflect and make a few adjustments/improvements to your classroom layout. They do not have to be dramatic! In fact, you may find that the more subtle the changes the more effective they are.One [...]

October 2016

Top 3 Crowdfunding Tips for Your Google Classroom

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“I’m going to do whatever it takes to be creative for our children, even if that means it comes out of my pocket.”  -DeAnn Moran, 2nd Grade Teacher, Moore Public Schools   Teachers spend a lot of their own money for their classroomsWith the popularity of Google Classroom and connected tools like Quick Key, teachers have more options for classroom [...]

5 Resources for Building Healthier Classroom Relationships

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Healthy Classroom Relationships Contribute to Higher Academic Achievement"Building positive classroom relationships has a major impact on a student’s academic and behavioral success.  When students believe that their teacher values and respects them, they are more likely to value and respect the teacher."  -Courtney Dealy, Boys Town National TrainingResources for Building a Healthy Classroom Culture5 Strategies to [...]