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How to use Google Classroom and Quick Key Courses to Differentiate Assessments by Accommodation

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Kayla Brimlow's clever hack for Google Classroom and Quick Key Courses: Kayla had to administer and grade assessments at three different levels of accommodation, and keep the results data organized, while minimizing the time she spent shoveling data. She solved it using Quick Key's Google Classroom roster integration and Quick Key's customizable Courses feature, as [...]

Google Forms Grader by Quick Key

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Another free benefit for Google Classroom users I am very excited to announce the new Google Forms Grader by Quick Key (beta). Ever since we launched our Google Classroom integration and Google Classroom Rostering in Quick Key, you have been asking us when we will expand our Google Classroom functionality. Well, that time is now! Goes beyond other [...]

Google Classroom & Quick Key: Go One-To-One Without The Crippling Cost

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Image Via New Feature Alert Each week we will share with you one of our features. Our goal is to keep you abreast of all of the different ways you can use Quick Key in your Google Classroom, or any classroom for that matter. Thank you for dropping by the TEACH BIG™ Blog, and please [...]