September 2016

Are Your Students #NumeracyNinjas ?

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If you love learning about new ways to help you be creative and student-focused in a data-driven world, you might want to check out Numeracy Ninjas. The brainchild of Math teacher William Emeny, this program is awesome.According to Emeny "Numeracy Ninjas is a project driven by the belief that all students excel in math and leave school [...]

Math Teacher Resources From Math Coach's Corner

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 Teacher Resources as Good as Texas Brisket!I would characterize my discovery Donna Boucher's "Math Coach's Corner" blog, as similar to the first time I ate brisket in Texas. I knew I had found something special, and I couldn't stop telling anyone outside of Texas who would listen. Boucher is a math interventionist, in Katy TX. Her blog [...]