blooms2Question Item Bank for Assessment for Learning

In part one of this series Multiple Choice Questions Based on Blooms Taxonomy. We examined concerns around the validity of multiple choice questions and recommended their use in low-stakes formative assessment. To help you save time, we are sharing this item bank and quiz builder provided by the U.S. Department of Education .

How to use the Item Bank and Quiz Builder tool:

Click the image below to open the quiz builder in a new window>Select “search” from beneath the “search questions” heading> Choose “subject”> Choose “grade level”> Choose type of questions you are looking for and click “ok” > Select “show question”> Select “download” and choose “test” from the test kit options>  

Click image to open up the Quiz Builder and item bank.

Click the image above to open up the Quiz Builder and Item Bank.

How to use these items with Quick Key: simply build a quiz, and have students fill in the answers on Quick Key’s free bubble sheets, and grade it with your mobile device

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