Quick Key Mobile™ is an app for iPhone and iPad that turns those devices into optical scanners, to grade paper assessments in a flash. The free app is available on the iTunes App Store at www.tinyurl.com/quickkeymobile 

We started News and Notes to update everyone on all the exciting things that are going on with Quick Key Mobile™. We want to keep you abreast of updates, new features, and new developments as we grow. 


News and Notes

Hey Quick Key Champions!

We are currently in the midst of our open beta and we just want to take a quick moment to express our gratitude to every single one of you that has taken the time and effort to help us test Quick Key Mobile™! You folks, the frontline teachers and administrators, are the single most important part of Quick Key and it is only with your feedback and engagement that we can make this into the most amazing tool for teachers possible.

Currently there are a few bugs that we know of, and we are feverishly collaborating with some of you to get them fixed. Our engineers are working around the clock to make sure that Quick Key works seamlessly and is something that you can trust and rely on to help you in the classroom.

It has been an incredible journey since our launch, building community with teachers from across the globe, and connecting and learning from one another. We at Quick Key believe that teaching is the most important ingredient in building a better future, and we are striving to make it a more productive experience for both you and your students. We are so grateful for all of your help and support, and if there is anything you feel that we can do better please reach out to us.

Check back here at http://power-2-teach.blogspot.com/ to stay up to date with our news and events!

With deep gratitude,

The Quick Key Team