Quick Key for rapid feedback in the classroom


1-to-1 Device Quizzing

Send quizzes to student devices.
No sign-in or app installs needed.
Get an instant score and itemization report on your device

Mobile Grading

Give quizzes and tests on paper.
Grade the papers with your phone or tablet.
Get an instant score and itemization report on your device

Google Forms Grader

Turn Google Forms into Quick Key Quizzes.
Sync your Google Classroom Roster.
Use all your favorite Google Classroom Form tools.
Get an instant score and itemization report on your device

Quick Grader: More than 60,000 teachers use Quick Key

exit tickets, frequent formative assessments, surveys, and more 

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Instant in-class feedback

To help you improve student performance and personalize instruction.



Mobile grading app with free printable answer sheets.


Paper, 1-to-1, and Google Forms (NEW!)

Give quizzes on devices, laptops, in a Google Form, or scan papers with your mobile device


Easy and Fast

Get up and running in an instant. Works with your school’s grade book.

PLC Collaboration

Doran Davidson

Quick Key is at the very least a time-saver. But I use the standards tracking and the Pearson Coefficient analysis to differentiate instruction, track mastery, and even improve the quality of the assessments we use in my department. 

Doran Davidson, Math Department Chair, Strathmore High School

Student Engagement

Janell Miller Headshot.001

We used a home-grown program called Numbers Matter to engage students in owning their learning, and the instant feedback of Quick Key was critical to that process. When students see their results immediately, they are instantly driven to improve their work.

Janell Miller, English II PLC Data Lead, Carver High School

Time Savings

Thomas Rogers Headshot.001

As one of the original Kickstarter backers of Quick Key, I have been a fan for a long time. I use Quick Key for the data, but when I tell new teachers about it, I just show them how much time they can save giving and marking exams and quizzes.

Thomas Rogers, English Teacher, Edmonton, Canada

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Quick Key is Real-Time and Really Easy

Quick grader: give quizzes on student devices, Chromebooks, in a Google Form for Google Classroom, and even scan papers with your phone. All results are instantly analyzed and on your mobile device.

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