I am proud to announce that Design by Educators, Inc. (DBE, the maker of Quick Key) has been accepted to TiE Boston’s ScaleUp accelerator, Cohort 4. TiE ScaleUp is a highly-competitive accelerator for Boston-area companies that are beginning to scale their businesses. Cohort 4 is focused on software platform companies. DBE is in this group because of our QK X-change global item platform, which went into limited beta earlier this week. 

The First Event

Last night (September 27th, 2017) I had the pleasure of attending the first event of the 5-month program, the “Mentor Meet and Greet,” where I got a chance to get to know the other companies in Cohort 4 as well as some of the mentors, and the leadership at TiE Boston and ScaleUp. The leadership and the mentors are passionate about TiE, and each one of them is highly accomplished in their field. It is an honor to be a part of this group. All of us at QK are looking forward to a transformative 5 months ahead!

Come to the Kickoff!

TiE will be hosting the program Kick-Off Event on October 18th in Kendall Square, Cambridge, right around the corner from Quick Key’s office at One Broadway. You can book tickets at https://hub.tie.org/e/tie-scaleup-cohort-4-welcome-party

About TiE-Boston

Since 1997, TiE-Boston has been supporting entrepreneurs by offering education, mentorship, networking, and funding opportunities. What makes TiE unique is that the organization connects entrepreneurs with each other and other stakeholders in the ecosystem, including seasoned serial entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists, service providers, and early customers. TiE-Boston is a chapter of TiE-Global, the largest global not-for-profit organization fostering entrepreneurship. TiE-Boston members leverage the global network of members from 61 chapters in 18 countries. TiE has 12,000 members throughout the world, and has contributed over $250B in wealth creation. For more information about TiE-Boston and charter members, visit boston.tie.org.